Advanced Tix and a Contest!

Hey comedian folks! A couple of exciting things to let you know about…


We’re psyched to be opening up ticket sales to the Green Mountain Comedy Festival a week early for comedians (and a few of our sponsors). We did this because we figured you guys would want first dibs on going to some of the other shows on the fest that your comedian friends are performing in.

Here’s the super-secret link; tickets go on sale at 12:00pm on Tuesday, April 24:

* Please keep this link a secret until next week!


Tickets go on sale to the general public at
12:00pm on Tuesday, May 1
. There’s a nifty little box when people buy tickets that asks them if there’s a certain comic they are coming to see.

So here’s the deal: between 12:00pm on May 1 and 12:00pm on May 8, whichever festival comic gets the MOST amount of people to buy tickets (i.e., whatever name we see plugged into that box the most amount of times) will win $50 in cold, hard cash. Well, okay, it won’t be cold. Or hard. It’s in our pocket, so it’ll probably be soft and moist. But it’ll be cash.

And oh: the ticket-buyers have to be non-comedians. So you can encourage your comedian friends to buy
tickets, but they won’t count toward the contest. So…

THIS week: Get your tickets early to be sure you
get seats at the show(s) you want to see.

NEXT week: Push the festival tickets to all your
friends and family for a shot at winning 50 bucks!

Any questions, let us know. Thanks to all you guys who have been so supportive of this fest so far. Let’s pack the houses and make it the best one yet!


Nathan, Natalie & Kathleen

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